Fortnightly Online Group Mastermind Sessions

As part of our Dedication and Success Programs we offer fortnightly Mastermind sessions on Zoom to our clients.

These sessions are facilitated by one of the EDS Team Members, and the aim is to bring up topics and issues that you facing while studying EDS and implementing the learnings into your Direct Selling business.

EDS Mastermind and Accountability

Please make sure you have installed Zoom, and you can get the Zoom link here. or you can just go to the Zoom App and type in 5782787020 in the Meeting ID Section

2017 Mastermind Dates:

Tuesday 9 May 11am – 12pm (AEST)

Friday 26 May 10am – 11am (AEST)  

Thursday 8 June 10am – 11am (AEST)

Tuesday 20 June 10am – 11am (AEST)

Wednesday 5 July 10am – 11am (AEST)

Thursday 20 July 10am – 11am (AEST)

Tuesday 1 August 10am – 11am (AEST)

Thursday 17 August 10am – 11am (AEST)

Tuesday 29 August 10am – 11am (AEST)

Times and dates may change. More dates will continue to be added.