Tracey Hall and Jerry Penny
Tracey Hall and Jerry Penny
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About Tracey Hall and Jerry Penny

Tracey Hall and Jerry Penny met in a Direct Selling company in 2013 after an unfortunate incident of Jerry letting her car roll down a street. Luckily no one was hurt. Their friendship really started when they attended a conference together in 2014 (and also shared accommodation and fun times), and started to understand that their personal and business values aligned.

They started working markets and events together, even though they were in different teams in their direct selling company. Lots of fun times! Jump forward to 2016, and both ladies were taking new directions in their business. Jerry was running her own marketing business (going back to her career background) and Tracey was running a mentoring business for people in Direct Sales. Both businesses were all about ethics, integrity and building great relationships.

With Tracey’s 30 odd years experience in Direct Selling (she started at age 5!) and Jerry’s 15 plus years experience in Marketing (she started when she was 10!) a great partnership was formed to deliver face to face training in Melbourne.

Hence Excelling in Direct Sales was formed. After delivering many fun-filled and educational workshops around Melbourne, the demand grew from outside of Melbourne to deliver the workshop online. So guess what! We smashed that out!

We both felt this was not enough, and we worked so well together, that our workshop soon developed into an online program. It’s amazing the work you get done when you work together and you are accountable to someone else.

Now we are ready to deliver our first intake of our premium program to our very eager clients in February 2017, and we continue to offer great value with our workshops, back to basics program and 1:1 mentoring.

Our Mission

Excelling in Direct Sales stands for ethics, integrity and we do this with our online programs and mentoring program. We do this because of wanting to make the direct selling industry better and to help it be more professional.

We train people in the direct sales industry, including party plan, MLM, Network Marketing. We also train specific industries such as Mortgage Broking, Financial Planning, Real Estate, Car Dealers, and Accounting.

We offer the benefit of a combined knowledge more than 40 years in serving customers and how to create raving fans.
The problem we solve for our customers is to take them from Hobby to Business in their direct sales company, and also to turn their customers into raving fans. To show them there is a better way to work and working SMARTER is the best thing.
Excelling in Direct Sales have a working environment that is based on equality for everyone.


Meet the Team

Excelling in Direct Sales would not be a "thing" if it weren't for the people working hard behind the scenes to bring this program to you. Aussies are known for their outstanding customer service and work ethic, and we bring our knowledge and expertise to you, no matter where you are based on the planet!


Tracey Hall

Founder & Partner

Tracey has been in the direct selling industry for almost 30 years, and started her own business at age 11.

Tracey is a highly motivated business woman who demonstrates accountability, efficiency and a willingness to assist others in reaching their desired goals. She is known for fostering a cohesive spirit within any team she leads.

Tracey’s specialties include:

• Networking
• Helping Home-based businesses grow
• Connecting entrepreneurs and businesses

Her ability to easily build rapport with others creates strong and lasting relationships with customers, business colleagues and fellow team members.

Tracey draws on her extensive experience of managing the journey of creating a successful business to provide expert mentoring and leadership.

Of particular note is Tracey’s contribution to the community. Her ultimate goal is to create a thriving not-for-profit enterprise, which generates substantial funds to establish a foundation called Heroes of Today, with a focus on building and sustaining homes for foster children.



Jerry Penny

Founder & Partner

Jerry has worked in marketing and communications for more than 16 years, and has now branched out into the world of small business ownership.

Through memberships in various networking groups Jerry has discovered her passion for helping small business in all areas of marketing, relationship marketing and customer service.

The CARM Group (Customer Appreciation & Relationship Marketing) specialises in Relationship Marketing & Customer Service but also offers a range of marketing services to small business, including a value packed Marketing Strategy Session, online communications, social media management and local area marketing.

Jerry has worked with a variety of business owners, from service based businesses, to product based business, automotive, brokers, Network Marketing & Direct Sales. Jerry has a strong passion for getting the best out of every small business she works with, and will dig deep to discover the best strategies for your business.

Jerry's vision is to dedicate more time to helping young entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground, and help them develop the new ideas for the future.